We spend on average 54% of our awake time each day at work therefore, worksites can be a powerful place for supporting healthy eating and active living choices. Many workplaces are looking to optimize employee health, reduce preventable health care utilization and enhance work performance. Creating a healthy work environment by making the healthy choice the easy choice can encourage and support employees to improve their quality of life.

"Ready Set Go! 5210 Kitsap" is partnering with local employers to create healthy work environments. Kitsap employers are creating 5-2-1-0 worksite activities and sharing 5-2-1-0 messages with employees to develop and support healthy behaviors. These same activities and messages are also being delivered to families and kids through schools, early childhood and after school programs and at doctor offices.

Join us in creating healthy work environments. Let's make the healthy choice the easiest choice! If your workplace is new to wellness promotion, or if you need to strengthen existing employee wellness practices, please see our "Ready, Set, Go! 5210 Kitsap" Workplace Toolkit.


WORKPLACE // City of Tacoma & MultiCare Health System from NathanAune on Vimeo.